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€ 25,00

Omgate App-Powered Gate/door Automation

Omgate is an Israeli product that’s designed to deliver users powerful gate/door automation in a very compact and affordable package, that’s managed using a smart device app.

Omgate was one of Security 2015’s most interesting products and it reflects the lateral capabilities of the digital future. It’s an app-based gate/door controller that combines compact size with very useful functionality, as well as neat management.

One of the key aspects of any automation system is opening gates/door as a user approaches and Omgate gives you this capability in a wireless controller the size of a matchbox which is installed at the gate and connected to a gate controller. Managing the solution is the Omgate app, which turns a smart device into a door remote based on proximity to a gate it is authorised to open. Omgate’s free iOS/Android app also allows management of authorised users of a gate/door in a very clever way.

system installation is fast, simple and pain-free. An authorized technician installs the OmGate device adjacent to a gate controller without any need for complex infrastructure. The Omgate unit is wired into it the door controller with 2 wires.

Auto open when i arrive

Please note - before the app can be used the OMGate device must be installed on the gate or garage door you wish to open